Month: July 2020

Although the 96aceidn numbers are drawn in the absolute chance, however, we recommend that you use one or other of the calibrated strategies for online bingo: that of Granville and that of Tippett. They have never been shown to significantly increase your chances of winning due to the random nature of the draws. However, they don’t drop them either. So you might as well take the trouble to try them!

Granville’s strategy

The strategy most commonly used by bingo players was conceptualized by Joseph Ensign Granville. Granville was a financial writer who notably distinguished himself by the publication of a set of investment strategies known as ‘On Balance Volume.’ Its strategies are used by stock analysts to predict price movements.

What you may not know is that Granville, aided by his mathematical skills, determined that the odds of winning are higher if the numbers on the bingo card are symmetric. He noticed that the numbers released in the draw almost always had a different unit number. He also discovered that there was a balance between low and high-value numbers and between even and odd numbers. Based on these assumptions, Granville has established a set of rules designed to increase your chances of winning. Make sure you have the following items on your bingo card:

  • An identical number of numbers of low nominal value and high nominal value.
  • An identical number of odd and even numbers.
  • An identical number of numbers ending in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Tippett’s strategy

British statistician Leonard Henry Caleb Tippett has come up with an even simpler strategy. By analyzing the statistics related to the draws, he came to the conclusion that by playing 75 ball bingo, the longer the game lasts and the more the numbers are drawn are likely to gravitate around 38 (median number ). Conversely, the shorter the game, the closer the numbers drawn will be 1 and 75. To summarize:

  • Choose bingo cards with different numbers close to 1 and 75 if you participate in games that are not long-term.
  • Choose bingo cards whose numbers revolve around the median number 38 for parties that are intended to last a long time (like bingo blackout, for example).

If you don’t know how to determine the average length of a bingo game, take a look at the winning combinations that must be made up to win. It goes without saying that the bingo games in which you only have to form a line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) of 5 numbers will last less than those where you will have to assemble a blackout (where all the boxes of the grid should be checked).

Play lots of cards!

The more bingo cards you play, the greater your chances of winning. On some occasions, you will be able to purchase more expensive bingo cards in order to win even more attractive prizes. That said, it is better to buy a lot of low-cost boxes and thus quantitatively increase your chances of winning than to buy a small handful of fairly expensive boxes and drastically reduce your chances of winning. The more bingo cards you have in your possession, the greater the chances of making a winning combination on one of them.

Supervise your game carefully!

If you do not use the automatic number marking feature as they are drawn, it would be wiser not to buy a batch of boxes to consume in a single game. Indeed, you will surely not have time to tick all the numbers on each of the boxes. Therefore, you would run the risk of missing out on a winning combination and being caught off guard!